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    He played at it during the morning: he got under an opossum-rug and was a bear to the Dumplings, and go’ed away. Later on, he was allowed to crawl inside a leather trunk that stood in Mamma’s bedroom, and have the lid NEARLY shut over him.
    “Hear, hear! Why, love, at this rate we shall soon have you clad in bloomers and spouting on a platform for women’s rights.”
    But, even as she said it, Mary had a glimpse into depths that were closed to her menkind. Just to be married! It meant that solace of the woman who was getting on in years — the plain gold band on the ring finger. It meant no longer being shut out from the great Society of Matrons; no longer needing to look the other way were certain subjects alluded to; or pretending not to notice the nods and winks, the silently mouthed words that went on behind your back. It was all very well when you were young; when your very youth and innocence made up for it: as you grew older, it turned to a downright mortification — like that of going in to dinner after the bride of eighteen.


    1.John listened, with a patience he would have shown no one else, his dark eyes, so like Mary’s own, yet so much older in worldly wisdom, turned intently on her. —“Objections to her marrying? My dear girl, as far as I personally am concerned, my sister Zara may wed a navvy if she chooses — always provided he has the means to support her, once the knot is tied. But this Methody-fellow now . . . have you seen him? No? Then pray do so, without delay. After which, let me hear if you are still of the same mind.”
    3.And Johnson, doubled in two with relish of her “ladyship’s” joke, could be heard right down the street vowing there should be no further ground for complaint; though a visit from her “ladyship” to his humble establishment would at any time be reckoned as an honour — and so on.
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